Fall 2013 – Your Way

  • A fashion look from August 2013 featuring Oscar de la Renta dresses, PJK Patterson J. Kincaid tops and Diane Von Furstenberg coats. Browse and shop related looks.

Lean into Fall Fashion—Your Way! 

There are three kinds of people who open that notoriously thick September issue of Vogue.

The Fashion Curious may leave it lying around for a couple of weeks. All those pages are overwhelming! But eventually she gets the desire to explore the new season for fresh ideas. The Fashion Curious is looking for a trend or two that feels comfortable to add to her existing wardrobe. She’s selective and smart about her additions.

Then there is the Fashion Savvy: she picks that Vogue up right away and leafs through it confidently, looking for items that resonate with her wardrobe plan and needs. The Fashion Savvy will always let practicality rule but she enjoys a sense of fun and adventure about discovering new looks. She’ll be excited by at least five to ten trends.

The third reader is the Fashion Renegade. She is either at the curb waiting for her Vogue (she knows what day it comes!) or has already looked at all the shows online. For the Fashion Renegade practicality is less of a concern. She loves style for style’s sake. She always looks interesting, and her outfits take risks, some of which succeed outstandingly and some of which become conversation pieces.

Which type are you? Whichever team you play on, I’ve got great ideas from this season’s lineup.

 Fashion Curious

If you feel like you’re Fashion Curious, you want to keep up with the times, look up to date and fresh. You want your presence to count and you want to spend your money wisely.

Here’s what you can try this season:

  • Pointy-toed pumps
  • A wider pant
  • A plaid pant in shades of gray
  • Oxfords or loafers
  • Polka dots
  • Spectator pumps or flats
  • A fur stole for evening

Fashion Savvy

If you feel like you’re Fashion Savvy, you love creating new looks and having fun with clothes. You walk into a room and people admire how consistently well-put together you are. You enjoy the process of updating each season and have a strong sense of what you like and don’t like.

Here’s what you can try this season:

A pant-suit with wider legs and a fitted jacket

  • Decorating your bottom half: colored pants, plaid pants, wider pants, leather pants
  • A camouflage print bag
  • A black jumpsuit
  • A fur wristlet for evening or a fur stole for day
  • Leather gloves covered in sheer netting for evening
  • Pointy-toed booties
  • A furry clutch for evening

Fashion Renegade

Your normal is everyone else’s risk zone. For you, creating with clothing is like breathing – it’s essential to your well-being. Your look can be overwhelming to others but it doesn’t bother you. You don’t fear the worst-dressed list and often end up on the best-dressed list.

Here’s what you can try this season:

  • An oversized blazer pantsuit
  • Wide-legged leather pants
  • A printed or embellished jumpsuit
  • A white leather bag or white shoes
  • Boots with fur trim
  • A long sweater over a long skirt
  • A fanciful cape
  • A grand, sculptural coat

I’m here to help you find your best interpretation of the fall fashion trends. Together we’ll find your personal style and select the right pieces to demonstrate it. Lean on me for help!



Sources for one of a kind Accessories


Blue Sapphire and Pave Two Tone Estate Jewelry Ring

Shotgun and Bullet Casing Jewelry - Mixed Nickel & Brass Bullet and Shotgun Casing Loaded Charm Bracelet

Handmade Shotgun and Bullet bracelet - Etsy.com

Love this display set up

Unique craft show pieces


Pave Oval Aladdin Earring

Jamie Wolf Jewelry Trunk Show - Neiman Marcus


Don’t Forget the Accessories!

I bet you already know that the right accessories can add personality to simple classic pieces, highlight your natural coloring and make you look radiant, and turn an ordinary outfit into a fabulous one. But shopping for accessories isn’t always at the top of your priority list. I have a suggestion for you: cast a wider net to look for accessory sources that you haven’t explored before. Accessories, great ones, can be discovered in all kinds of places – even your local gas station! Here’s a list of resources you may not have thought of before as well as a quick guide about the pluses and minuses involved. Hint: not all return policies are equal.


Flea Markets

If you’re into vintage pieces, find out where and when the flea markets are held in your area. Precious jeweled pieces, costume jewelry, and antique jewelry awaits your discerning eye. From expensive to affordable, your favorite piece is somewhere in one of those booths. Sometimes the hunt is as much fun as wearing the piece itself.


Minus: These treasures may come with broken clasps or missing jewels so inspect them carefully. Realize you are buying it “as is” and repairs will add to the expense. Or be willing to wear it with its imperfections and added character.

Plus: You’ll find choices from many eras and often many different countries. There’s much more variety than any boutique could possibly carry. If you love vintage, this is a great place to score pieces for your collection.


Craft Fairs, Street Fairs

Community fairs and festivities really blossom in spring and summer months when they can be outdoors. Fall and winter fairs are also favorites. If you go, plan to make a day out of it. Bring a friend and enjoy the live music, the good food, and of course don’t forget to check out the accessory vendors. If you’re the creative type, you’ll surely find many artsy booths with choices that might be right for you.


Minus: You buy it, you own it, and you’re most likely never taking it back or exchanging it if you have second thoughts once you’re home. Many artists travel from fair to fair. Be sure to pick up their card in case you run into any troubles. But don’t expect easy return policies.

Plus: You may discover an artist that really suits your style. You can look forward to adding to your collection next year when they do the same street fair.


Consignment Stores

Do you have one in your town that you pass by on your way to get groceries or drop off dry cleaning? Instead of walking by, pop in and explore. Your next pair of to-die-for earrings might be just inside the case waiting for you. Consignment stores known for their high-end inventory can have designer pieces at a reasonable price. Better yet, consign the jewelry you no longer wear while picking up that piece you have your eye on.


Minus: All sales are final unless you work something out with the store-owner although this isn’t likely. If you decide you don’t like it as much as you thought you did, you can consider selling it back and taking the loss. Items are sold “as is” so check them carefully as you will need to pay for any repairs.

Plus: Someone else’s mistake can be your treasure at a great price.


Travel shopping

The free time between snorkeling excursions or city tours can be the perfect time to browse the local markets or shopping areas for a couple of new pieces to add to your accessory collection. Choose wisely as you want to make sure the piece is well crafted and also matches your style.


Minus: What seemed like a good idea in Hawaii may not translate as well once you’re back home. A cheaply made necklace you buy on the street or on the beach may not have a long life span. Accept those limitations or don’t purchase.

Plus: The pieces bring back great memories when you wear them. The price can be more favorable in some faraway places.


Trunk shows in department stores

If there are designers you really like, ask the person at the jewelry counter if they do periodic trunk shows and get on the list to be called. If you’re already a fan of that artist, you’ll see so much more merchandise on the days of the trunk show.


Minus: You need to be available the specific day the jeweler has a trunk show and may need to travel a bit to attend.

Plus: You know you love what that artist has to offer so seeing a large portion of their inventory is a treat. You get to meet the designer in person and have a conversation with them. They may be able to help you choose an item, which adds sentimental value to the piece.



This crafty and artsy website is great for shopping online (www.etsy.com). You can find very unique work and discover up-and-coming artists who put a lot of thought and labor into their work. You can find very different types of pieces to fit your style while shopping comfortably on your couch.


Minus: You can’t try it on. If it doesn’t fit you right, you may be out of luck depending on the artist’s return policy. If you like crafty pieces, going to craft fairs might be better for you because you can try things on.

Plus: You may discover reasonably priced pieces and learn about the artist who made them. If you like one-of-a-kind pieces, this is a good source.


Make an appointment with me and I’ll help you see what’s not working with the pieces you already own and I’ll explain why. Sometimes people score great finds but don’t know how to put it together with other accessories or clothing items. That’s my expertise so I’ll help make it right for you.











Mommy Style Through the Ages


MOD.lusive Ruched Sleeve Long Cardigan (Nordstrom Exclusive)Flora Bella Raffia Fedora


kate spade new york 'cobble hill - ellen' crossbody bagAmalfi by Rangoni 'Omero' Flat

MICHELE 'Deco Diamond' Two Tone Customizable Watch




Mommy Fashion Through the Ages



While being a mom is hands down the most important job a woman can have, it doesn’t exactly come with a style guideline. Sometimes a mom’s style gets neglected resulting in a certain lack of luster, verve or respect that other professions have. It’s just so easy to wake up five or 10 years down the road and realize you’ve been neglecting yourself for far too long. Is it time to kick up your mom fashion and go beyond the look you’re in?


Can mom wardrobes be both functional and fashionable? Yes! Here’s a guide to Mom Fashion at any age and stage.


Moms with babies and toddlers

Your clothes need to be safeguarded from normal baby wear and tear. Don’t buy anything without reviewing the care instructions first. Replace your dry-clean-only silk blouses with washable cotton, knits, or sweaters that will tolerate the normal or delicate cycle in your washer. Patterns or prints camouflage baby spills easier than solid colors. To liven up grab-and-go outfits, accessorize with crinkle scarves, inexpensive costume jewelry or necklaces that are safe for babies to chew on. Always pack a backup shirt in the baby’s diaper bag. You might need it by noon!


5 Great Pieces

Jeans with built in stretch

A non-clinging cascading cardigan sweater

Flat boots

A scarf that captures your best colors

Ruched cotton tee shirts


Moms with grade school kids

Your wardrobe needs to be on the go because your kids are on the go. You might find yourself with an hour to spare between gymnastics class and soccer practice. You can have a nice lunch with a girlfriend when you rely on your emergency clothing kit stored in the back of your car. That kit could include “grownup items” like a cute wedged sandal, a brightly colored cross-body bag to take the place of your over-sized hobo bag, and some favorite bangles. Add some lipstick and enjoy your well-deserved break.


5 Great Pieces

A thicker pant style legging that can be dressed up or down

Jersey knit tee shirt dress

Cute tennis shoe that’s not a running shoe

A stack of bangles

A Fedora


Moms with high schoolers

While your eyes are still on your kids, you control more of your time and your look. Be the mom your high school aged kids will be proud of. The kids are older now. If you’re in a fashion slump, pull yourself out. Take a fresh look at your style. Your hair and makeup need an update. Lip-gloss and ponytails aren’t going to cut it anymore. You have more fashion choices now so be strategic. Adorn yourself in flattering silhouettes and colors and don’t forget the accessories. Think about creating pairings of necklaces and earrings or bracelets and belts that make every outfit look sharp.


5 Great Pieces

Cropped leather jacket

Sheer patterned blouse with solid-colored camisole

Color-blocked handbag

Well-fitting dark denim jean

A long cardigan that can be belted


Moms with college bound young adults

The kids are off to their next adventure and it’s time to start your own. Your kids have changed; you’ve probably changed too, but has your wardrobe changed? This is a time for transformation. New colors, fabrics, accessories and styles of clothing can help define the new you. You’ve also gotten older so clothes may fit you differently. It’s best to reassess and hone in on new flattering shapes. Focus on your best assets and be sure to bring attention to them with well-chosen pieces. It might be time to splurge on some pieces you’ll get a lot of wear out of. A smart handbag, quality shoes, a well-tailored blazer may be perfect for you now.


5 Great Pieces

A suit that can be separated and worn in multiple ways

A statement necklace

Cashmere sweater

A trench coat in a modern fabric or print

Metallic flats


Moms with grown kids

Life has taken some twists and turns. You may find yourself dating again, developing a new career, or turning a hobby into a business venture. The rules have changed and you need to know how to dress the part. Clothes have inherent messages. The message of a color, texture, or print can go a long way toward sending the right signals. Take the opportunity to shop in new stores or different departments and look for items that support your new roles. A whole new world awaits you!


5 Great Pieces

A patent pump

Ankle pant

Mixed materials in a jacket (leather and lace, jersey knit and suede, silk and sequins)

A classy watch

Updated eyeglass frames or sunglasses


Every stage of motherhood has its own pitfalls and triumphs. You can meet each day with calm and confidence when you look and feel your best. Even though it seems impossible to find the time, “you” time is always a good investment.


Happy Mother’s Day!


Cracking the Dress Code


Find your perfect holiday look.  Is it casual,  festive, cocktail or black-tie?



Vince Camuto Blouse & Ankle Pants






Diane von Furstenberg 'New Cindy' Print Shift DressAdrianna Papell Beaded One Shoulder Gown

The holidays are fast approaching and hopefully you will be getting a mailbox full of invitations to parties, galas and open houses.  Along with those invitations may come some confusing instructions on how to dress for said functions.  Is the event formal, black-tie, cocktail, creative, festive, snappy, the list goes on….  Deciphering these terms can be a bit challenging.  Hopefully, we can crack the dress code this season so you can arrive dressed appropriately with nothing to worry about except what to bring the host as a token of your appreciation.

White Tie/Ultra formal  – The most formal of evening wear worn to events after six o’clock.  Women wear long ball gowns. Men wear a dress coat(tails), white vest, and white tie.

Black Tie – This is a formal occasion as well. Women wear long dresses or an elegant cocktail dress.  Men wear tuxedos.

Formal Also formal, but maybe a little looser, possibly black shirt and no tie with the tuxedo for men.  Women wear long dresses, or a cocktail dress.

Black Tie optional/Black Tie Invited- Same as Black tie however, a dark suit with a white dress shirt(a dress shirt does not have a button down collar)and tie would be appropriate for men. Women wear cocktail dresses or long dresses.

Creative Black Tie – Similar to Black Tie optional, but men can get a little creative with shirt, tie or cummerbund.  Women can wear long or short cocktail dresses.

Semi- formal After 6 PM, a dark suit and tie for the men and cocktail dress for women.  Daytime semi- formal would be a suit for the men and a dress or dressy suit for women.

Cocktail Attire Dark suits for men and short but elegant dresses for women.

Dressy Casual/Creative Casual/Smart Casual –  Sport coat or nice sweater with trousers for men and bold, sparkly jewelry, beautiful blouse or cashmere sweater paired with a skirt or trousers for women.  Think sparkle and special.  No jeans or shorts. And please, anything but a “Holiday” sweater appliquéd with snowmen, Santa or Rudolph!

Casual/ Informal Pretty much anything in good taste goes.

Beautiful colors for this holiday season are burgundy, gold, emerald and winter white.  Kick black to the curb this year and don some of the gorgeous colors available this winter.  Don’t get stressed and overwhelmed about what to wear.  Make holiday  and special occasion dressing fun and enjoyable.  By following a few simple  guidelines you can look great and feel confident at any social function you may be invited to attend.  Remember the saying ,”the only  person that is overdressed is the person wrapped up in himself.”



Happy Thanksgiving!




What if the invitation says “Dressy Casual?”

Product Profile – The Perfect “Touch of Tan”

Are you like me – fair, burn easily, want to protect the skin you’re in, but still want a little color?  Then you must try Amir Argan Oil “Touch of  Tan” moisturizer. Not only does if give you a little color, it has a nice “at the beach” fragrance.  No stinky fake tan smell. I purchase mine from Amazon.com.  I will definitely be keeping a stock pile of this amazing product.

Fashionable Frames

Shopping with Shelia


Fashionable Frames

Glasses can make you look current, edgy, modern, and sophisticated or dull, droopy, boring and old.  Glasses, while they may be a necessity, don’t need to be dull.  Because of the prominence on the face, eyewear makes a huge impact.  If you can’t remember the last time you purchased new glasses or you’re wearing a safety pin in one of the arms – it’s time  for an update.  Knowing your face shape is important in determining which styles will be the most flattering on you.


Almost any shape of frame works on this balanced face shape as long as they do not extend past the widest part of the face.


This face is broader at the top and tapers down to a slim chin.  Thin nose bridges and wider bottoms work well. Try an aviator style, for example.  Avoid styles with hard horizontals across the top and pointed bottoms.


No round shapes for this face!  Square or angular shapes that stop just above the cheekbones will help thin out the face and higher temples will add height.  Dark frames can weigh down your face, making it look heavy.


Curved, rounded or oval frames that extend slightly past the cheekbones are the most flattering as they will balance the width of the jaw line and soften angles.    Avoid vertical lines and hard angles.

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when shopping for glasses:

v  Make  sure that your eyes are positioned in the middle of the lens.

v  If your eyes are close-set, avoid large frames.

v  The top of a frame should be at the bottom of the brow, not over it.

v  Choose colors that flatter your skin tone and hair.

v  Donate your old glasses to people who need them.

v  Consider antireflective coating  on the lenses so your eyes can be seen.

v  If  you just need readers, buy fun, full-framed styles, not thin granny glasses.


Smyrna Eye Group will be hosting a ‘Spectacular’ trunk show featuring  the latest eyewear collection by Lafont, July 19th, from 3 to 7.  Door prizes and refreshments will be available . Shelia Frey, Addington Jewelry, Yoly’z Salon of Vinings, and Sandpiper Boutique will be on hand to help you pick out the perfect frames and accessories for your look and lifestyle. 

An Eye Catching Spring and Summer 2012!

No wallflowers allowed this season! Color block, Neon, Printed Pants, Florals, Lace and Tribal Prints demand attention. Have fun expanding your wardrobe with some surprising and colorful new additions.

Color Block

The bolder the better with this trend. Unexpected combinations create interesting contrasts. Try turquoise and orange (Pantone’s 2012 color of the season), green and pink, purple and red. Make sure the color closest to your face is the color most flattering for your complexion. Keep accessories neutral or go full on color if you dare. Get out the color wheel and have fun working with complimentary or analogous color harmony. Be careful with this look if you’re petite.


A little goes a looonnnnng way with this eye popping hue. If you want to try “Day-Glo,” incorporate it into your accessories. If you are a ‘woman of a certain age,’ fluorescent by the face is a bit harsh. A neon purse or belt is the safest way to play with this hot fad.

Tribal Prints

Zebra prints, Ikat , python and leopard are on trend in everything from flowy caftans to clutches. Balance the color and pattern of the jungle with a bold lip shade. Floral Pretty and intense, florals don’t need a lot of accessories. Keep the rest of your outfit subdued when you are wearing your spring bouquet. Pick a pair of floral jeans or ankle pants to brighten up your day. Lace The epitome of femininity. Keep the feel girly with a lace dress and heels or rough it up with a lace top, jeans and platforms or flat, studded sandals.


Wear an armful of stacked bracelets incorporating enamel, braided leather, and beads. Be creative . Bib necklaces and dramatic rings and earrings made of a variety of metals, crystal, glass, jewels and wood are the perfect accoutrement for spring’s variety of styles. Shoes and Purses Platforms, classic pumps, stilettos, flats, sandals, and wedges are available according to your preferences. Shoes this spring are adorned with stones, raffia, studs macramé, cork, carved wood and color. Bigger clutches and colorful cross body bags in a variety of textures and sizes are what you’re looking to tote this spring. Purses and shoes don’t need to match as long as they have a similar feel. Don’t wear a dainty silk sandal with a large leather bag.

There is no one signature look for spring 2012. Have fun and experiment with the assortment of color, pattern, and texture available this season. Step out of your comfort zone and try something fun. Just remember to choose styles that best flatter your body type and personality.

Shelia Frey can help you discover your personal style. Her goal is to add value to women’s lives by positively influencing the way they view themselves. Don’t wait to look great! Contact Shelia | 770-893-8944

Say Cheese!

Do you see photographs of yourself and say “Do I really look that bad?” Chances are you probably don’t – but if you want to improve your satisfaction with the majority of the pictures taken of yourself, try these tips next time you’re in front of the camera:

  1. Choose clothing colors that are flattering to your complexion. Certain colors complement certain complexions. Patterns and horizontal stripes can make you appear wide and very closely spaced stripes and patterns can create strange blurs. My son wore seersucker pants in a photo that ended up looking like out of focus ‘ zigzags’ in the final product. Be careful wearing red, black or white. These colors can present too much of a harsh contrast, or wash you out, especially in someone older or with a fair complexion.

  2. To look thinner (especially if a small child is not available to stick in front of you) angle your body so one shoulder is closer to the camera. Don’t face the camera head-on. Put one foot in front of the other and put your weight on the back leg. Stand or sit up straight slightly holding in your stomach.

  3. Your smile needs to be relaxed. If you don’t like your teeth, practice smiling with your ‘eyes’ letting your mood translate through them. If the photographer gives you a countdown, look away from the camera and then back right before the shot. This will help you avoid the fake perma-grin.

  4. Have the photographer not use the flash if all possible. This is the major cause of red-eye and shiny skin. Cloudy days are best for outdoor photos. Avoid high-noon if possible. To avoid the appearance of a double chin, try to arrange for the camera to be slightly above you so you can look up at it, which will slim the look of your face.

  5. If you know you are going to be photographed, wear a little more makeup to avoid a splotchy complexion. Use concealer and a good coverage foundation, eye makeup, lipstick and blush. Avoid any products that are overly glossy or iridescent. Remember to use a light dusting of powder to set makeup and diminish shine. Blotting papers can be used for men.

  6. Although you may not look fabulous in every picture that you’re tagged in on Facebook, you can bury the evidence by’ untagging’ yourself. You won’t delete the photo – it will just hide the trail from other’s mini-feed updates. At least there are some things in life you can control! If you are using a professional photographer don’t hesitate to take a lot of shots. The more you take the more you have to chose from. Experiment with poses and ranges of expression. When your only representation is a picture, it’s important to make sure it says what you want it to. When you know in advance that you’re going to have your photo taken (at a wedding, a graduation, for business cards, websites, etc.) take steps to prepare. Using these tips will help you help you feel comfortable and poised for your next photo op.

 A good snapshot stops a moment from running away. ~Eudora Welty

Shelia Frey, owner of Signature Image Consulting, will help you discover your personal style and give instruction on creating your individual look. Her goal is to add value to women’s lives by positively influencing the way they view themselves. Contact Shelia | 770-893-8944

Building a Basic Wardrobe

Whether building a house or building a wardrobe, starting with a good foundation is essential. One of the reasons we feel we have nothing to wear when we stare into our closet full of clothes is we lack the basics. Instead of randomly buying new clothes, build a core wardrobe.

A core wardrobe consists of separates that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of new looks. The core pieces are like a blank canvas that can be accessorized with a few new seasonal items. Surveys have shown that most women were 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. What we need to do is pare down our wardrobe to few good, well-fitting basics that allows us to mix and match pieces to create more outfits with fewer clothes. When putting your core wardrobe together, focus on solid colors and year-round fabrics for the most versatile and cost-efficient wardrobe.

A core wardrobe consists of five basic separates:

• Sweater set
• Shirt
• Jacket
• Skirt
• Pants

Choose the jacket, skirt and pants in black, tan, dark navy, or a rich brown, depending on what looks best with your coloring. Once you have your core wardrobe established, you can easily update it by adding the latest accessories: shoes, boots, handbags, belts and scarves. Shop seasonally for a few “fun” pieces and replace your basics as needed. There is no need to buy a closet full of clothes every season. By core wardrobing, you will save time and money and have a more organized closet.

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